Links golf course, integrated into the region breathtaking nature and designed by Arnold Palmer.

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Golf Club

The Golf Club House designed by Carolina Proto, it is the meeting point for golf lovers, with a lounge, a bar and the possibility to schedule golf lessons.

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The Equestrian Center features a sand lane for jumping practice, several tracks intersected by the place stunning nature and it also offers horseback riding classes to guests and owners.

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Polo Field

Las Piedras is connected to the Argentinean and Uruguayan cultures, through a new polo field, designed with official dimensions and following international infrastructure, maintenance, and quality standards.

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Tennis Court

Fasano Las Piedras has four tennis courts, besides trainers able to teach guests and owners.

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Soccer Field

At Las Piedras, the society fields are located in strategic sites that provide encounters with nature.

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Clay Pigeon

Clay pigeon shooting is offered in the traditional way, as it was in the 16th century, with all the safety equipment that exists in the 21st century.

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Kids club

A safe area with recreational activities, toy room and playground. Fun and entertainment for children under the coordination of highly qualified monitors.

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Designed to express the power of nature and the energy that comes from it, Fasano Las Piedras Spa offers a 180-degree panoramic view to an endless green and to the region rocky landscape.

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River Club

The River Club was made for sun and moon baths, swims that wash the soul, the art of meeting around Uruguayan parrillas made of fire, salt, and time.

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Boat House

A special place reserved for owners to rest their recreational boats and sailboats, where you can enjoy the river breeze.

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Little Farm

Children can have direct contact with the animals, raised in a careful and responsible manner, learning that respect is the rule of nature.

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Organic Garden
& Local Farming

The purpose of facilitating the production of food and at the same time providing recreation for the members of the community.

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Private Airfield

Private airstrip approximately 4,265 feet long to facilitate connection between major regional hubs through airline services for your convenience or for your aeronautical recreation.

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Beach Club

Venturte exclusive beach with drinks and food assistance, perfect for water sports, besides fishing.

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